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Brands of Smokeless Tobacco

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Brands of Smokeless Tobacco
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Moist Smokeless Tobacco

There are many types of smokless tobacco. This is the type that comes in the 1.2oz or 1.5oz. cans.
Copenhagen Copenhagen is a premium, more expensive type of tobacco. It is made by U.S. Smokeless and it is usually the most expensive moist tobacco on the market. It comes in Long Cut and Snuff. The Flavors consist of Natural (snuff and long cut), Straight, and Bourbon flavored. There is also a Whiskey, Straight and Smoothe Hickory flavors under the Cope brand. This tobacco is very overated. Don't get me wrong though, Copenhagen is a great dip. It's just not that great of a dip in my opinion. On my scale I rate Natural Cope a 8 and Bourbon a 7.5
Skoal Skoal is the number one brand of all smokeless tobacco in sales. It also ranks up there in it's quality also. It is the first brand that I tried and I fell in love with it. It comes in Long and Fine cuts. The Flavors that I would suggest trying are Apple, Straight, and Wintergreen. It's basically the brand to try beacause there are such a wide variety of flavors. I rate this product a 8
Redman Redman dip (manufactured by the great people who gave us Timberwolf) is fairly new to the market. I'm not sure on this but, i'm pretty sure that it existed before. It is a little bit on the dry side like Timberwolf, but it's still a great dip. Redman dip comes in Wintergreen, Straight, and Natural. I rate this dip a 8, because it's such great quality for such a small price.
Timberwolf Timberwolf is a valued price tobacco. It is very cheap. Don't let the price fool you though I personally think it is a great brand of tobacco. Apparently they've done away with the 10% more deal. If your going to try timberwolf I suggest you try Straight or if your just beginning try Peach or Apple.If you are past the fruit stage in your dipping stage go with Straight,Mint, or Cool Wintergreen. I rate this a 8.5
Kodiak I can't say that I was impressed by the bear. It just didn't taste like a premium tobacco. It is just like Grizzly. Final call is that there is no reason to pay more for Grizzly in a can that says Kodiak. I rate this a 7
Red Seal Absolutely nothing impressive about this dip. But for 25% more tobacco for under $2 I can't bash it too bad. For it's extra 25% I give it a 7
Rooster Contrary to what the Rooster Boys say Rooster is not the best brand of tobacco. I compare Rooster to Timberwolf. Rooster to me is for someone who doesn't like the tobacco taste so they buy dip that is drownded with artificial flavor. I rate Rooster a 7.5
Grizzly When I sent someone out to buy me some Skoal Wintergreen they came back with some Grizzly Wintergreen. At first I refused to dip this "floor tobacco". When I became desperate I dipped it. This is the biggest shocker to me....I loved it. This dip not only tasted good it kicked my ass. I was buzzing like never before. I strongly suggest trying this, only if you have some strong ass gums. I rate it a 7
Husky I just recently tried this dip and I have to say for .99 it is awsome. The only regret I have is that it is very coarse. The flavor is very good for it's price and I strongly suggest you try it if you don't have any cash. It comes in your basic flavors (fruits excluded). I give it a 6.5
Longhorn  Longhorn is under dollar dip (most of the time). It is often underrated also. There are hints of flavor from it's bigger brother Timberwolf. Although it doesn't live up to the flavor of Timberwolf, on a tight budget it is gold. I give it a 6.5
I hope that these tidbits help you out when selecting the dip that's right for you.

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