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Here are a few tips for successful dippin'. 

First of all before even considering putting in a fat one make sure you have some where to spit, whether it be in a bottle or on the ground.The next thing before even opening the can is to make sure it is packed tightly. Don't pack for more than ten seconds otherwise you look like an asshole or rookie. Next when you pull out a dip pinch firmly to even more pack your dip. Don't get too much. If you pull out a dip with excess on the sides shave it off with you free hand. A good method for securing the delicious tobacco in your mouth is the tuck and roll method. Another way is the lip grab. Both of these methods lead to successful dipping. How to remove a dip succesfully without a big mess is a question many have pondered for years. When it comes to pulling it out your basicly screwed. Good Luck and Happy Dipping!

Tip. Put your dip in Different places in your mouth to decrease the risk of cancer