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Newbie Bible

     This page is designed to answer questions that newbies might have. It also serves to give tips to new users to prolong their dipping career.
    You obviously have the desire to use smokeless tobacco. Now you've probably tried it and like the buzz it gives you. All kinds of questions are flooding your mind. What brand should I buy, what flavor should I buy, and what's the difference between long cut and fine cut are a few of the questions flooding your mine. Here is my suggestions for new dippers:
Brand Selection
     If your just starting out you probably want to go with a premium brand. I suggest SKOAL. SKOAL is the most popular brand of smokeless tobacco so if you don't like it chances are dipping is not for you. Once you get a taste for smokeless tobacco you may want to expirement with other brands until you find one that you like best.
Flavor Selection
     As far as flavor selection goes try a flavor that you think sounds good. If you are confused I suggest trying a fruit flavor. SKOAL has a variety of fruit flavors including apple,peach,vanilla,berry blend, and cherry. Be sure to try more than one flavor if you decide you do not like the first flavor you try. SKOAL also offers wintergreen,mint,spearamint,classic(natural), and straight if fruit is not your thing.
Cut Selection
     When looking at the dip rack you might be confused by the different cuts that different brands offer. Long Cut is a cut that is easier to pack and pinch. It also stays together in your mouth better. Fine Cut or Snuff is finely ground tobacco that is much harder to pinch but covers a bigger surface area in you mouth. If you are new to dipping I suggest you start out with Long Cut untill you get the hang of pinching and loading a dip in your mouth.
     Packing is a way to get your tobacco prepared so it is easier to pinch. Tap your can on a hard surface a couple of times to pack your dip. There used to be a real helpful site but it has dissappeared. You can also ask an expierenced dipper how to finger pack Finger packing is much more convinient than hitting your can on a hard surface.

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