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Chewing Tobacco

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Chewing Tobacco
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Nothing like a big Chaw to get the juices flowing

Chewing tobacco is tobacco that you actually can chew. This satisfys many's taste for tobacco. It is very sweet and tastes very good. The best brands are Red Man, Beech-Nut,Southern Pride, and Levi Garret. It is a good alternative to dipping when your lips are sore.

Chewing Tobacco Review
Redman- Redman is a smooth mellow flavored chew. It is very sweet and almost stemless. It is one of the most recognized names in chewing tobacco. I rate it a 9/10
Southern Pride- Southern Pride is made by Pinkerton, the same people who make Redman. It is a value priced Redman. Tastes very similar to Redman but, it has more stems than Redman. For a budget chew it is great. I rate it a 7/10
Beechnut- Beechnut is also a familiar name in chewing tobacco. It is a sweet blend of premium tobacco that satisfies my taste. It is also available in a Wintergreen flavor that is even sweeter. I rate Beechnut a 9/10
Levi Garret- Levi Garret comes from the great people who bring us Kodiak and Grizzly. Levi Garret is a great premium blend of tobacco for a decent price. I find it has a lot more stems than any of the previous chews. I rate it a 7/10.
Levi Extra- Levi Extra is a much sweeter blend than regular Levi. It also has a problem about having stems. I rate Levi Extra a 7.5/10

The same risks apply for chewing tobacco as for smokeless tobacco